Tim Willits Indie Award Winner Releases “Downward”

December 12th, 2016

Rome, Italy - Caracal Games Studio, an Italian indie game development team of 3, is releasing their first title, Downward, on December 19th. This development comes just a few weeks after taking the Tim Willits Indie Award at Gamerome. Downward is a first-person parkour adventure, taking an indie stab at the genre popularized by titles like Mirror’s Edge and Dying Light. Willits credited the game with superb level design and was impressed with the depth and intricacy created by such a small team.

“We’ve spent days and nights trying to perfect level design in Downward,” says Tommaso Bonanni, Game Designer at Caracal. “When Tim Willits handed us the indie award it felt like Wow! We got it right!

Downward is set centuries after a cataclysmic environmental event destroyed a medieval world and warped the fabrics of science as we know them. The player must use parkour to traverse the ruins of this world and find answers to this apocalypse. The first-person perspective creates new experiences by blending fluidly with common third-person elements. Fans of both types can find familiarity in gameplay.

Downward releases in Early Access on Steam. According to Caracal, half of the experience is fully playable in this version. The interweaving of diverse genres, backdrops, and gameplay mechanics make Downward a truly ambitious indie project. Caracal intends to keep Downward in Steam’s Early Access for approximately six months. They have voiced their need for feedback from the gaming community to ensure that the full version comes out in flying colors.

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Alex Angelini, Team Coordinator | Caracal Games Studio

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